The Tiny Show

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Look closely: Little Beasts Gallery is exhibiting the work of multiple artists in miniature. Many of the works are accompanied, necessarily, with a toy magnifying glass. The Tiny Show solicits a fun curiosity absent from “normal” size works. Despite the teensy sizes of these pieces, there’s a lot of creativity and sense of humor on display.

Beneath the gallery’s sparkling THE TINY SHOW banner is How to Swim, Alessandra Hoshor’s miniature audio installation. There are six microcassette tapes to choose from, each with a detailed, type-written explanation, some of which read like poetry. Stowed beneath in a cigar box (complete with microcassette instructions, lest you are deterred by the absence of a touch screen or the concept of rewind) is the player and headphone set.

The other works are visual–there is Kristin Wong jewelry on display, along with mixed media microsculpture desserts by Natalie Chi Mei Tse. Perry Lewis’ Their House… a series of stilted row houses will turn the viewer into a Peeping Tom  (a caption reads: **to experience fully, please get as close as you possibly can**). Various domestic interiors, complete with flickering amber lights, are tucked back inside.

Petite illustrations and paintings by Britt Spencer and Shannon Show are well rendered, but not unusually sized. Likewise, Raymond Allen’s trio of watercolors are small but not tiny. They are big on humor though, the title-to-picture congruency dares the viewer to new conclusions: Wine Creeps (Is that the General Mills Count Chocula shielding the eyes of an anonymous, grinning figure, while ultra-violet waves span across the background?); One Real Summer (a topless woman, face concealed beneath blood splatter, lies at the tiled edge of a swimming pool); and Unwashed Wildebeest Anus (portrait of an open-mouthed Paula Deen in superheroesque clothing).

There are thumbnail size, black and white silver gelatine prints with full narrative compositions, matchbox sculptures and cameo size illustrations.

Alternatively of standard size paper, Mai Ly Degnan’s 2,173 Pugs (ink and graphite on graph paper) hosts a couple thousand tiny pugs in different states of repose. There’s an obsessive-compulsive feeling to the piece that relaxes once viewed in close proximity.

The Tiny Show includes work by Monica Alexander, Raymond Allen, Courtney Cashon, Kalyn Charest, Natalie Chi Mei Tse, Kyle Cleveland, Maily Degnan, Dylan Hoefer, Alessandra Hosher, Charlotte Jackson, Perry Lewis, Alycia Linke, Shannon Snow and Britt Spencer. Works are on display at Little Beasts Gallery until Tuesday, February 28. 1522 Bull Street, Savannah, GA.

This post originally appeared on the Savannah Art Map on February 29, 2012

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